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Follow the activity, compete in virtual events and help unlock charity funds

The Virtual Club is a digital platform that inspires users to stay active, participate in virtual races and challenges, and unlock donations for charity. Competing with the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay global corporate community to race, hike or bike with colleagues and earn points on the platform by increasing rankings, helping unlock donations for additional mile charities. Addressing current public health issues in each race. Faridabad
how does it work?
Create your profile and join your company’s team in your city
Connect with the Apple Health app or your favorite activity tracking app to automatically record your daily workouts, earn points, and climb the charts in your city and around the world.
Participate in virtual races and challenges with your allies and companions to earn rewards and bonus points
Contribute to unlocking donations for The Extra Mile Program in each of our racial cities
Why would you join Viral Club?
Easy to connect
In a few steps, you can join your company’s team and join the Apple Health app or your favorite tracking app to earn points from your daily activity.
Helpful donations
Earn daily activity points to unlock donations for additional mile charities worldwide
Welcome tips
Articles, information and training tips about nutrition, fitness, mental health and physical wellness
Viral events
Walk, run or bike with your partners to virtually earn you and your business bonus points, digital badges in our fun and exclusive virtual races and challenges and compete for the title of ‘Most Active Company’ in your city and around the world.
Company range
See live rankings in our virtual race and follow the rankings of the most active companies in your city and global point every month
you practice. You are worth it. We donate
Run to your city
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