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Friends, today we are going to share real research app to you guys

How to use real research app

Hey friend, first of all download the research app, after that you will install this app, after that you will create an account inside this app.

How to create an account inside the Real Research app

First of all, you will enter email inside the Rail Research app, after that you will enter the password of eight Word then you will enter the Repeat password and click on the Summit

After that you will slate your country, after selecting the country, you will give your phone number.

After giving the phone number, then you click on the summit, then an SMS will be sent to you, on which you will get a code, by copying that code, you have to install it inside this app.


How to earn money with real Research app

First of all you have to make KYC 3 Level A inside the Real Research app.

Then you will also be able to earn in it. Now two options have been given inside this app, from where you can earn money from the Real research app.

First of all, surveys are given to you, even after completing the survey, you give this money to people.

Second option

You have to invoice people inside this app, for every invoice you are given Pakistani 128 rupee

The more you bring Refar, the more you will be able to earn money from this app.

How to withdraw money from this app

To withdraw money, first of all you have to provide the wallet address, after that you will give your entry amount, then you will give the memo To code

And apart from that you guys have to make a Hotbit wallet, because TNC are withdrawn on it.


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